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When you have good health, You have freedom. Freedom to create, explore, set goals and crush them.

My love for kombucha came from a desire to make healthy choices. Most of the beverages I consumed either had too much sugar or few health benefits. I started brewing kombucha as a healthy beverage to enjoy with my meal. It aided in my digestion & helped reduce bloating. It soon became my go-to mixer as the fermented sugars did not spike up my sugar levels while drinking, unlike added sugars. Over the weekends, I started brewing kombucha and flavoured it with different fruits, herbs, and botanicals. 

On moving to India, I ordered some kombucha on Amazon but none of us liked it. My father likes having a carbonated beverage with his meal & often consumed coke or ginger ale high in sugars. I soon started brewing kombucha at home to give him a healthy carbonated beverage. He loved it and I started giving it to friends and family. Everyone kept asking for more, this lead to me setting up a kombucha brewery. 

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